Poet Talk Preview “Rejoice… I say Rejoice”

O’ Children of Zion rejoice forever more for He has risen.

The grave couldn’t keep Him within its door of death.

He endured it all as the will of GOD became his Shepherd.

As a lamb He followed humbly,

Despised, rejected, spat on, grief-stricken,

As the Glory of Heaven watched; waiting for his command to come

With flaming swords and vengeful eyes the entire host, as an army was ready to attack.

They stood piercing the earth’s atmosphere with a vision of wrath.

We shall repeat as Sodom and Gomorrah one said…

The Seraphim took flight as lightning along with the host of heaven

Suddenly a force held them back. Greater than anything in existence

It was love…the love of Jesus kept them back.

As the heart of Jesus cried out…

They stood there and wondered what is it about Man that the master would endure such hardship?

LORD…. just say the word and we will destroy them all.

Suddenly they heard him say forgive them for they know not what they doeth.

The host of heaven dropped their swords, as their eyes of flame settled down.

Jesus then cried out

Eli Eli lama Sabachthani

~Moments later~

He entered the tunnel of death as a sealed door locked him in.

The earth cried and quaked as the temple’s veil was ripped in twain.

The Host of Heaven ignited their swords of flame, armed with the cloak of vengeance and wrath

As they were about to descend into the earth’s atmosphere,

They were held back again by this powerful force


Moments later they heard a powerful echo proclaim


Suddenly there was an explosion as the sealed door of death was shattered in pieces.

Out stood a MAN with a Glory greater than the sun,

As He stood the LION roared

All of creation became subject

As the Host of Heaven bowed and cried,



For the LION of the Tribe of Judah hath prevailed.

Taking the sting from death, ripping the keys from the grave and hell

As the bridge to GOD was mended,

That was once destroyed by sin.

Now through JESUS and by his death and resurrection,

We can now enter in…

Rejoice I say for our King lives


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