Poet Talk- The Prelude to the VALLEY

A preview of the upcoming novel “The Threshold”


As the church revival concluded its service, everyone walked to their vehicles, their hearts was filled with joy and comfort. Charlotte waited until everyone buckled up before she turned the ignition and slowly drove off. She noticed a store up ahead and stopped to see if anyone wanted anything. As they pulled up to the store Derrick quickly said

“Does anyone want anything from the store?”

“I’m buying.”  Said Derrick

They all looked at each other in a moment of shock. Erica said, “He must have got touched, as stingy as Derrick is.” As Derrick walked in the store, he asked the cashier for directions to the restroom.

“Around the corner, down the hall; it’s the last door on the right.”

While washing his hands, Derrick looked at his reflection in the mirror. Maybe there is something to this church thing after all. He smiled and turned off the water.

Charlotte and the girls sat in the car talking about how awesome the church service was and how they feel different. In the midst of the conversation, an uneasy feeling settled over Charlotte and she turned her head toward the store. When she opened the car door and exited slowly, Maran and Erica stopped talking and asked, “What’s wrong?” Charlotte began walking slowly toward the store.

Inside the store Derrick closed the bathroom door as JQ walked up to him and pulled a gun from his jacket. The gun already cocked and loaded with hollow points hovered an inch from Derrick’s face.

JQ gritted his teeth. “You’re not in church any more BOY!  Saliva pooled in the corner of his mouth. “And you thought church would save you from me. I told you this wasn’t over.”

“What do you want with me?” said Derrick.

“Nothing, our talk is over, I told you next time my gun will play.” said JQ.

With a heavy expression on his face, Derrick simply closed his eyes, thinking his life was about to end.

Once he closed his eyes, JQ started laughing.

“No more church for you boy!”  As JQ fired his gun, Charlotte entered the store screaming Jesus!


 *** Insightful Poetic Creations and a walk into the upcoming series “THE VALLEY OF DECISION”***

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