Sometimes you find yourself in the spirit of inspiration. At the appointed time, everything revealed with be disclosed ……Inspiration has become my purpose. I yield to the gift, in order to help, encourage, motivate and inspire others.

My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.(Psalm 45:1)

Heart of Compassion


The town was all abuzz when news started circulating about the upcoming revival to be conducted by Joshua Allen, a travelling evangelist of healing and deliverance from Alabama. Steve was a close friend of Joshua’s from high school. We he found out his friend was coming to town to hold a revival, Steve got in contact with him in reference to a package he had received a few days ago. While speaking with Steve, Joshua felt the sincerity and urgency in Steve’s voice. He was sure that the first night of the revival would be a great time to share these letters of warning. Joshua invited Steve to the revival and asked him to share his letters with the congregation on the first night.

With service now just an hour away, Steve was sitting on his bed, his hand shaking as he held tightly to a stack of letters. Nothing to fear…Nothing to fear…Nothing to fear he said to himself. It was now almost 8:00 p.m. Taking a deep breath, he rose, with his head lifted up high. He smiled and walked out the door, radiant, as if he was staring into a bright light.

Once he arrived, his heart pounded at the multitude of people sitting, waiting for service to begin.

During the devotion, Steve prayed to himself. Moments into the service, Steve was introduced as a special guest. Taking a deep breath, he modestly walked toward the podium.

“Hello everyone. My name is Steve Righting. I attend one of the local churches in the city. A few weeks ago, there was a terrible accident that took the lives of some of my close friends. I have eight letters in my possession, and I want to share them with you. I received them a few days ago from an unknown sender.” While he was talking, Thomas walked in and sat down in

the back of the room. Steve’s eyes followed Thomas to his seat, smiling once their eyes met. Everyone listened to Steve reading the letters. In astonishment, they sat up in their seats. Eyes throughout the building filled with tears, as sounds of lamentation resonated. Word by word, each letter uttered a caveat of penitence. Looking down at the podium, Steve took out Joey’s letter. Glancing near the back pews toward Thomas, exhaling slowly, he said, “This is the final letter I will read tonight. This particular letter is addressed to Max, from Joey.” Like a lion targeting on its prey, Thomas’ eyes glared, wrinkles forming on his forehead.

“Dear Max,

How have you been my friend? It’s been a while since you and I have talked or even seen each other. So how is the family doing? You know I really looked up to you. You had things in your life that I wanted so badly. I remember the times you invited me to your church. I really wanted to come, but I didn’t have any church clothes. Then one day I came, and I must admit, I really enjoyed myself. Church was something new to me. I managed to convince my brother to come also. He sat in the back, so you probably didn’t notice him. I thought I had to dress a certain way, and you never told me I could have worn the clothing I already had. It was like you really didn’t care at all. Remember the times I asked you about heaven and hell? You told me we would talk about it later; sadly, later never came. I had so many questions about church and who Jesus really is. I saw the gatherings your fellow church members went on. I thought that was cool and neat. It was something I’d never seen before, a group of people coming together to share the love of Jesus with others. I often noticed some of your church members knock on doors, pass out Bibles and offer prayer to complete strangers.

One day, Steve came over to my house and offered prayer, and shared the love of Jesus. Eventually, I stopped drinking and doing other things. I was looking forward to the times we got together. There were so many questions I had. Honestly, I don’t…