Caveat of Penitent…Coming Soon

Author/Poet T.K.Ware releases the book….that’s more than a book…..a journey of fictitious reality.

February 22@ Eternity Christian Book Store. Troy Al. Book Signing scheduled Saturday afternoon @2:30-5:00pm

The cold silence within the room, carries the beeps echoing from the heart monitor. An imminent presence of death circled, my vision fixated on this body, covered by past images. I regret driving that night. I blame myself for bringing the others into my state of mourning. Bitterness, hatred, and agony possessed me. You know, it wasn’t even about Max or what he stood for. I was drowning in emotions. Sadly, I knew something happens after death, but I just didn’t want to know what that something was.


The night was dreary, stained with misfortune…….