Mothers Are Beautiful

Mothers Are Beautiful

Mothers are rare and special,

Hand crafted and given from above.

Any woman can birth a child, but

Only Mothers can demonstrate true love,

Through nurture, guidance, understanding, and care-

And at times she can speak volumes with a stern stare-

Only a special woman can occupy this trait,

Mothers are beautiful, and their beauty can be seen day after day.

They are honored, and cherished throughout the year,

But especially in the month of May.

Mothers age in beauty,

Their words caress with wisdom,

Their smile can touch from a distance, encourage and ignite a spark-

And their love comforts and heals those that are weary and broken in heart-

Mothers are special and rare,

A precious gift from above,

A vessel of compassion, that sprinkles her joy with love-

It’s because of you, many are alive-

Some are born naturally and others are born by the sparkle in your eyes.

I pray blessings continues to fill your day,

We celebrate you always, but especially in the month of May.

Happy Mother’s Day

One thought on “Mothers Are Beautiful

  1. Roy Kong says:

    I think that was heart warming.

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