Once I awoke, at least it appeared that way, my body was burning. Billows of fire seem to crawl over the vehicle. Once the flames rushed me, I blacked out. I awoke once more, this time I was dragged down a dark, lifeless tunnel of moans. The stench was unbearable. I gagged at the smell of rotting flesh. The cries and yells ripped through my flesh like a razor. I cried and cried. Replies of evil laughter yelled back at me. Fire crawled on my body like an insect. Hideous creatures assaulted me.

After what seemed like an eternity, I appeared in this hospital room. I now stand without a body, my emotions bleed over, my hands shake, and my eyes are saturated with water as I look upon my body. Why am I terrified?

Maybe it’s because of the sounds I heard and what they represented. Maybe it’s because of the place I visited. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because of my next destination.


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