Shake it off~Mindset Renewal

There are moments in life when we are disappointed. Some of these disappointments are caused by external forces. When I say ‘external forces,’ I am referring to people.

Everyone is arrayed with diverse personalities and experiences. We have more differences than what we have alike; only faith brings our likeness together.

As we tread through life,our path may stumble upon weeds, thorns, and thistles. We may enter moments where someone destroys our heart and as the cliche says, “cut us to the bone.” Once our confidence in a person is breached, it opens the door to disappointment.

Trust is the one thing that’s hard to recover once it’s lost. Once it’s damaged, a tidal wave of confusion will wash upon your shore. If you allow the essence of disappointment to attach itself to your mortal fibers, your mind will continue to replay the moment of hurt with, EMPHASIS.

After the wall of trust is broken, the first brick must be laid by you. It is a humbling act that employs hope. And when the essence of disappointment returns, we must shake it off as a tree does a withered leaf. But if you dwell in its essence, the same hurt will return, but this time more severe.


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