The Summer Sizzler of Inspiration-“WEB OF ALLURE”


Early Preview
“This book got my blood pressure so high. I had to put the book down when Jake’s wife texted him to go to lunch with her, bu the left his phone upstairs in his office, and went to lunch instead with Susuan…..Great Book!”

“I felt like Author T.K.Ware was writing about my devastating divorce. I’m glad his story was a beautiful ending. Or should I say surprise.”

“I read Author T.K.Ware’s book entitled Caveat of Penitent. I must say that particular book was a page turner of intense emotions. It made me think about my lifestyle and try to correct the things or areas where I was lacking. But when I read Web of Allure, I was blowed away by the diverse creativity. The prologue will pull you right in from the start, and from there prepare yourself to take a journey through an inspirational mystery book of faith. I enjoyed it tremendous, it almost read like a movie…hint…hint.”

Web of Allure is an inspirational story about a beautiful marriage thrown into the web of a relentless spider. This persistent enemy seeks to destroy their unity of trust with his methods of deceit. Once the plot is set, and the plan designed….a harmless relationship at work injects the poison of mistrust as the spider’s web is spun. It await for its prey to become entangled, and slowly moves in for the kill.

~Coming This July~
Book Video Trailers:


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