The Day of Exultation


Sooner or later your joy will return. Regardless to the circumstances we face daily, there is a moment when everything will lay prostrate to the authority we unknowingly posses. This particular authority is inherited from our founder and creator.

Once we understand the inward ability we have been endowed with since our creation, our perception of life will change. We will view trials and tribulations as mere stepping stones, as doors that leads us to an assurance. Once we look back and see how far we have come, our day of exultation will shine as the brightness of the sun, as we understand that we only made it through because of our founder and creator.

Exultation defined is lively or triumphant joy, as over success or victory.

SteadFast & Unmoveable

Every tedious journey has a purpose, a prescribed set of knowledge to acquire. I’m learning that bumps, bruises, thorns, and thistles may stunt the path, but perseverance guarantees a favorable reception. Life is filled with obstacles of indifference. Continue the journey even if your path becomes solitary, and in due time your shall reach your preordained destiny.

Is it Morning Yet?

Each day is a new opportunity to cast our net into the world of possibilities again. We must awake each day with a sense of alertness, and make use of the allotted minutes throughout the day. 20130605-053751.jpg

Take a sip and consider the things you need to accomplish today. As the liquid of thought ease down your esophagus, allow the robust flavor of decision to settle, and to prompt your steps as you take one day at a time toward your destiny. The door of opportunity is never close.

The Strength of Belief giveth JOY

Everyday we experience situations or circumstances. We all have days when joy carries us like a leaf dancing in the wind. And then there are times when we feel burden down with the cares of this life. It is during these times we must be mindful of a universal truth.
We must get to where we believe without a shadow of doubt. The phrase “shadow of doubt”, implies that something is reflected or cast off. Like for instance, take a tree, a tall strong broad tree; now when the sun rise and radiates its glory, the tree will cast a shadow. The shadow is not the tree but an image reflected by the sun’s rays. In comparison we will say belief is the tree and disbelief is its shadow and in that shadow abided doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, etc. Belief and disbelief are similar terms, disbelief means the inability or refusal to believe or accept; and the word refusal means complete resistance….
Lets take the word F.E.A.R
Now belief is confidence in truth. And what is truth?
Psalm 100:5 For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth unto all generations.

And what is truth? a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like
Proverbs 10:22……..The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

~The Flow of Compassion~

Sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone and feel the need of others. Visualize the calamity, pain, heartache, trial, or misfortune from their eyes. What if you were them? If we allow the essence of compassion to seep into our mortal fibers, our light will shine and illuminate others through a spoken word and a physical deed.


There comes sporadic moments in our lives where our expectation will inflate like an air balloon. The thing we have sought after, seek, desire, prayed for, and hungered after is right in the grasp of our hands. The only thing that separates its manifestation is time. So what do we do? Nothing can speed up time except when our faith steps outside of time and believe against belief. This is a place were we move beyond expectation and enter the realm of manifestations. As our mind lauch out into the vast possibilities of faith. In that moment our anticipation will become the season of manifestation.


Everyday we have an opportunity to showcase our gifts and talents among the world. This endowment, is not for vain glory, but rather for betterment. Moreover, it is a tool or can be used as a tool to reach others, who are trapped in the darkness of their conscious reality of defeat. Life exists beyond this arena, whether one believe or not. Its existence is not based on one’s belief. As we live from day-to-day, it behooves us to walk in the light of understanding. As we operate in its essence, compassion will seep out, as we thrive to walk and live in a manner that demonstrates our faith unto the world. Everyone does not operate in the same arena of life, and gifts among society differ in the millions. The key is to not try to perform the abilities, skills, or duplicate the exact gift as someone else, but rather to occupy your own vessel in the creative uniqueness that you have been endowed with before the creation of the world. Everything about you is special and unique in its own place. Once you discover the gift that lingers within, it will allow the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened.





Portent of  Eterniy ~COMING SOON~

The day I sat in Pastor Warren’s office was the moment I thought everything was brought to understanding. Pastor Warren spoke to me about my vision, and he gave me directions. He read Joel 2:28, “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.”
I heard a multitude of voices when he read that scripture to me. I don’t know if they were angels’ voices or just my imagination. I told you there was nothing extraordinary about me, not in the beginning anyway. One thing about a gift, you don’t choose it; rather it chooses you. The only problem is how you exercise the gift.

An Up CLose & Personal Journey Of Inspiration

20130724-163619.jpg“I should’ve prayed that day. Maybe, just maybe, a few hours ago would’ve been different. Who am I kidding; everything led up to that moment. This is the first time I have been in the hospital. I am speechless. The cool sheets rest upon my lifeless body. The cold silence within the room carries the beeps echoing from the heart monitor. I watched the nurse slowly walk into the room. I think she hoped for some improvement, or at least a different display on the EKG. I wanted to reach out and touch her, but I don’t think she would have felt my grasp. As she walked past me, I saw her emotions pouring down. I smelled hopelessness, if it had a fragrance. I regret driving that night. I blame myself for bringing the others into my state of mourning. Bitterness, hatred, and agony possessed me. You know, it wasn’t even about Max or what he stood for. I was drowning in emotions. Sadly, I knew that something happens after death, but I just didn’t want to know what that something was. Regardless of what the EKG displays, and what’s written on the chart hanging at the end of the bed, this will be my last time in here. I’m afraid of the things I’ve seen, and the unforgettable sounds I’ve heard. The indescribable … I’m not going to tell you what I saw, because it doesn’t matter. As I said before, I shouldn’t have driven that night. Had I known the outcome of that night, I would have prayed nonstop. Maybe, just maybe, prayer could have prevented that night.”

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