What Motivates YOU?

Why do you go to work each day? Why do you pursue or seek a certain career? What is purpose, desire, or wants? What if you never accomplished anything you set your mind to do? Why are you doing what you do? Why are you here? Why are you goign to school?

There are other question I could have listed that would have taken up the entire page. The point of the questions is why are you living? We ar aware of our creation into this Earth realm. contrary to what some may say, our creation was not a freak accident or some random cosmic explosion in which particles fused together and created something out of nothing. Surely that is not our origin. But there has to be a motivating force behind what makes you tick or live. For some their motivation may be to take care of their family and provide a better life. Others may say they seek to become multi millionaires, etc. Regardless to a reason behind you living, there is a specific motivation force that push. If we allow ourself to settle and channel on our purpose, we can easily discover the force that motivates us. I’ve heard some authors say they are motivated to be an inspiration. That alone is a broad topic, and can be addressed several ways. Some secular artist and gospel artist may have similar motivation, but within their inspiration is where it slightly differ. Once you discover what motivates you, it becomes easy to step into the flow of inspiration. Compassion has to be the center of everything. When you are motivated to help people, then you are fulfilling a royal degree. Everyone is endowed with a unique gift that desires to be shared. Once we understand and discover our gift, it behooves us to move with compassion toward our divine purpose. A purpose without motivation is as a rock thrown into the ocean.

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