Perspective of Fiasco

Who told you your inner desires, goal, and inner ambitions is a figment of your imagination, or a fairytale of a child imaginings? You can accomplish anything you plunge your efforts toward. As we allow the spirit of confidence to overtake us, it will empower us with an ability to stand in adversity. Failure is only a state of mind that transcends into the physical realm….only if we accept our disappointments as failure; instead accept the delay as progress toward your goal. We were created in God’s image and likeness. This alone provides us with a reason to achieve and triumph in all arenas of our life. Humbleness is the key that grants the entrance into the treasures of our heart’s desires.

Plethora of Inspiration

Everyday we have an opportunity to showcase our gifts and talents among the world. This endowment, is not for vain glory;moreover, it is a tool or can be used as a tool to reach others, who are trapped in the darkness of reality. Life exists beyond this arena, whether one believes it or not. Its existence is not based on an individual’s belief. As we live from day-to-day, it behooves us to walk in the light of understanding, to operate in its essence, and to allow compassion to seep out toward others. We are instruments of creativity flowing by the wind of inspiration. Our motivation has to be the epitome of selfishness, as we thrive to walk and live in a manner that demonstrates our faith unto the world.

Prepare for tomorrow, but live for today

Preparation is vital for any successful production. It assures the quality excels it’s expectations. This concept can be applied to our life as well. As we plan for tomorrow, we must also live in the newness of today. Enjoying the moments of bliss and preparing for the journey of fulfillment. 5,10,15 years may seem far away, but with proper planning and self-budgeting those years become as days.