Delicate & Strong

Never take for granted the power of words. Sometimes we can go to far and touch a place that a physical hand can reach. Women are delicate and should be handled with delicacy; in word and deed.
Men are strong and carry a demeanor that beacon’s respect. A man seeks & needs to be respected. When a woman touch a man’s pride; it places a man in an uncomfortable place, an uncharted territory; a place where the walls of respect slowly cave inward. And now he seeks & demands retribution.

Relax and Remember

The weekend is finally here; a moment for the body to relax from the tension of work and people. Take a moment to inhale & exhale; enjoy the beauty of life even if the climate is not acceptable. As you relax and unwind, please remember last week has past. Don’t allow the aggravation, disappointments, heartaches, or pains to carry over. Ding even allow something that happened several hours ago to gain control over you. If you can get upset about something that has past, then it a form of control. Move out of the past, and walk into the present as we look toward the future.

You Are What You Think

the words that escape the confinement of our lips; either by utterance or texting is the sentiments of out heart. So it behooves to be mindful of the thoughts we allow to dance and parade within our mind; especially if those thought are negative.
You are what you speak
And in time; the words your spoke will become the very thing you think….