State of Mind

Awake each day with purpose. That particular line was from a movie in which the actor said its something he tells his clients. Those few words can propel you to your next level. Not only do we need to awake each day with purpose, but we need to awake to our purpose. Regardless to where we may be financially, economically or spiritually, we all must awake to our purpose. Your purpose doesn’t have to be the discovery of rocket fueled plutonium, but yet something simple as belief. Just believe in yourself. Consider how you’ve live thus far. Have your accomplished the things you hoped for? And the things that you have accomplished, are they to your liking?
So as the year ends and the season of holidays enter, it’s time to awake.
Time to awake to your intended purpose; the thing that separates you from the billions of people walking the earth.
You are unique.
No one can be you better that you can be you. You were created with purpose.

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