Your Beginning

As we recover from the joyous time of Thanksgivings we must also keep in mind that we are yet on the brink of a new year. Stores are flooded with customers who are preparing for the upcoming holiday and a joyous family gathering again. In the midst of these moments, we must consider the life we have lived thus far. Have we strode toward our projected goals? The goals we subconsciously set at the beginning of the year. We don’t have to wait until January 1 to begin a resolution. Our beginning can start the moment we make a mental effort to change. Change is a frightening word for some people because it requires an effort. But it shouldn’t be feared but rather welcomed. If we haven’t found results in our life with the way things are going then maybe….just maybe its time for a change. Maybe its time for us to employ a different outlook on how we handling situations physically and mentally. The moment we shift to a higher plane of consciousness, is the day of our beginning. It’s not good enough to have faith or hope without embracing change. When these three are mingled, the end result will be profitable.


`Coming Soon~
In a few weeks, just in time for the holidays, a story of inspiration shall be released.

The ultimate display of love is sacrifice. A HUSBAND’S LOVE is a story of hope that will take you on an emotional ride. In the midst of adversity, there is always grace and mercy.

John embraces his new future, while running from his past. One day his past found him and retribution was demanded…..or else….