Your Thoughts Will Become You

As we enter the beginning of our work week, it behooves us to consider the thoughts we allow to enter and find shelter within our mind. Thoughts are intangible and they have the ability to manifest themselves. Consider the time you felt a certain way about a situations, as you thought on it, your physical body mimics the inward thoughts. Or consider the times when you were extremely excited about something. As you thought on the thing, you could feel joy bubbling on the inside and within moments, your physical output matched your inwardly joy. Let us think positive things and shun the very presence of evil or negativity. As we soar thorough this work week, let us consider the things we allow to dwell in the walls of our mind. You have the ability to choose. The body follows the lead of the mind and the mind is controlled by thoughts. So change your thoughts and watch you life soar to new heights.


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