Stay Focused

Never give up on your dreams. Hope until the end and then hope again. If you can imagine it, with hard work, you can have it. So why are you doubting? Your only hindrance from reaching a level of success is the image you see in the mirror. Stop comparing your inabilities to another person’s economical status. You have no idea the trials, tribulations, disappointments, or self-centered failures they’ve overcame.

So steer your focus on your own path, and let your steps be sodden with faith as you reach “YOUR” level of success.

Your Better Days Are Coming

There is a day coming when your present will be as an adolescence memory. Can you remember the color of your first bottle? Or the name of the nurse who brought you to your mother? Just as those days have faded away in a great distance, so shall your current condition. As it takes is a little faith and physical efforts to assist your faith. Now, it doesn’t mean that your current condition is so bad that you need days of relief to elevate the pressure from your mind, but rather the phrase ‘your better days are coming’ is simply a statement or declaration of faith.

What do you see in the mirror?

Before we try to change someone else, we must first look at our own flaws or shortcomings. There is so much to change inwardly and outwardly. The inward change can be to have a better grip on our emotions, and the outward can be a physical change. The bottom line is that there is always something we can change if we stop and look in the mirror.

Are you going forward or backwards

It’s beneficial to take a personal inventory. Have you progresses in any arena of your life from last week to this week? Are you still controlled by emotions, as you were last month? Do negative thoughts flood your mind constantly? Are you always assuming?
There are many other questions that could be asked to determine where we are mentally. The mind controls the body. If we change our thought processes concerning all things, our life will move forward in it’s course.

Mental Growth

Let us leave yesterday in the past. The only thing we can gleam from it is knowledge, whether good or bad. So strive in the newness of today. Even if you make a mistake, move from it mentally first, and then detach your body from it, if it’s a physical ailment or physical stumbling block.
Sometimes we stay in yesterday and miss the blessings that are waiting for us today.

Did you pray about it?

You never know what a person is going through or where they are mentally or spiritually. Some things are not fruitful for your understanding. When emotions get involved, we are blinded to things that are not appeasing to our emotional stance. Like a kid holding a kite, simply let go of thoughts that invade your sanity. Thoughts that have you unable to sleep, eat, or function. There is a solution to everything….PRAYER.
It’s not about demonstrating a profound distinguished vocabulary of diverse parabolic dialogue, but rather a simplistic cry for help. When the prayer is in faith and not boastful or grudging, your answer is sent before you can say amen.