We are now a few weeks away from the release of the 2nd book in the UP CLOSE & PERSONAL SERIES. A week after its release, Caveat of Penitent reached the best selling list. The buzz and anticipation has begun with the expectation of the 2nd book in the series, ‘Portent of Eternity.’
Before we can move to the 2nd, we must revisit the 1st and prepare for the conclusion of the story.


A story of hope, redemption, and sacrifice.

John thought he could run away from his past, but one day they found him. One afternoon Emma invited John over for dinner. He had no idea he was being followed. They waited for the right moment and barged into the home, carrying guns and vengeance. Fear seized Emma and her mother as the intruders waved their guns.

John, poised with courage, glanced over at Emma and her mother. He exhaled and felt a surge of guilt pulsate within his veins, knowing he had brought his problems into their home. He then mustered up enough courage and approached the intruders, hoping to detour their attention away from Emma and her mother.

Suddenly without warning….
Something happened….
Bullets were fired….

In the midst of the shooting….
Grace & Mercy entered….

Shortly afterwards, Pastor Green returned home to his family. His body trembled as he dropped to his knees.
Blood was everywhere….

Shifting of thoughts

Sometimes when things don’t go as planned, be careful not to allow thoughts of disappointment to rest upon you. They will contort your spirt and your body will manifest sorrow.

Instead shift your focus on other things and understand that a delay doesn’t necessarily mean the answer is no.

We became what we think, so allow thoughts of peace to rest, rule, and abide.

Quick Thought

Today is better than yesterday because today is a new day. So awake with purpose and walk in determination. Remember tomorrow will be better than today because its a day you haven’t seen yet.

Life is filled with joy and a whole lot of other stuff. The key to steady evolving lies in your perception, and even more so, your intuition.

Relax and let thoughts of peace abide as you enter in today.

Don’t give up

If life we will face many challenges. Some will feel like we ran full speed into a bulldozer. You may even shed a few tears or lash out in a volcanic outbursts of rage. You may question your mere existence. But these things, regardless to whatever it was that brought you a point of emotional turmoil, did not destroy you.

Some virtues are only acquired through experiences. You can’t go buy wisdom, patience, gentleness, trust, faith, temperance, kindness or long-suffering.

These things are developed through experiences. Even though the present time can be overwhelming, hang in there. The storm shall passed. Your situation shall improve for the good. Once your storm pass, the sun will shine and dry up every residue from the storm. Your latter end shall be greater than your former.


A storm of calamity crawled into the city. The door to eternity was about to open for a selected group of people. They city will never be the same after this.
They wasn’t ready….
No one was warned….
But one man saw it all before it happened….

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.(2Peter 2:9)