Live & Thrive

Be careful who you share your dreams, hopes, ambitions, plans, proposals, and desires with. If they can’t believe with you, it can easily send a wave of discouragement across your path. You must have an inward hunger, cultivated with faith and drenched in humility. So that regardless to what any one says, your faith doesn’t waver.

Shake off every thought of negativity that stunts your productivity. Our biggest hindrance is the inability to believe in yourself. You become what you think….and you think what you become.

Shake off every…

Are You Motivated or Stagnated

ID-100250534 Have you ever thought about your future? Of course you have and just like many other individuals, you probably thought about ways to improve you well-being. I mean really, that’s why we go through the collegiate rigorous hours in order to obtain a certain degree. In the end we hope our level of education will be the ticket to our desired job. But what if a person never entered the collegiate world? Is he/she incapable of landing their dream job? Of course not. Everything is within the grasp of faith. In order to grab hold of whatsoever you desire, there has to be a corresponding action that unites with your faith. Once the two combine, that which you hoped for, will become the very thing you have obtained.

Think About IT

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Instead of talking about or criticizing what someone is or is not doing, focus that energy on your own goals. Its less stressful and easier for your blood pressure. Many people lose valuable assets because of uncontrolled emotions.