Sometimes responding from the seat of emotions can damage friendships. Instead of responding in an emotional stance, give space or reasoning. Once the word is spoken from your vessel, either by email or any other message, it cannot be taken back. And you never know who else may see the message you sent from an emotional stance. Its best to pray and wait for guidance. A few words of wisdom can prevent the bridge of friendship from crumbling.

Use Wisdom

Awake with purpose

Each day is an opportunity to walk in your created purpose. Instead of looking at the next person, consider your own path. Everyone had a different path to walk and purpose to reach. The key is to no give up during the process. Don’t allow past mistakes to dictate your present day. They have expired. Learn from them and strive in the newness of each day. As your prioritize your life’s agendas, your purpose will blossom like a flower in the spring.

Dream again….

Never give up on your dreams. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Consider the great inventions, they were first an idea, that became a reality-through hard work.
If you have faith to believe, and works to go with your faith, then you can have whatsoever you desire. Remember faith without works is dead.

Your health is in your hands

Many people want to be healthy but lack the mental fortitude to manifest their intangible ideas. No one is responsible for the image you see in the mirror except yourself. Healthy eating is a lifestyle. This doesn’t mean to neglect yourself from certain cravings, but rather to be cautious about the foods you allow to enter your body. Once your lifestyle change, along with proper eating and dieting, you will see a much better reflection in the mirror. Whatever goals you have, think about how close or far you’ve come. Judge yourself on your progress and make the necessary adjustments. Remember junk good is exactly what its name declares. The nutritional value will aid your weight gain instead of loss. Others will notice the physical and behavior change, due to poor eating habitats. The choice to a healthy lifestyle is within your ability. No one can change you….except YOU.