Guess what?

Your better days are just ahead. It doesn’t matter what you have or haven’t accomplished, your future is bright as the stars of heaven. Our past experiences have equipped us with a measurable amount of wisdom. Even more so, God isn’t thinking about our past mistakes, but rather our present state as we trod toward the future.

Run the Race: 31 Days of Inspiration

There are moments in life where everything seems to go in a blur. During those instances our mind can become influenced and control by external forces as we attempt to cope with day to day activities. In the meantime we mentally juggle our issues hoping to sort them out before they explode. Sometimes all it takes is the right word to spark or ignite the faith that lingers within all of us. Everyone has their own journey and it helps when someone can pass along a baton of inspiration as we run the race. Many people hide behind a smile in order to shelter themselves from the world.

RUN THE RACE is not a declaration or a ministerial devotion of doctrine, but rather it is a few words of inspiration, a conversation of hope, created to aid your journey as you stride through life.

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Coming Soon~MeMory IOTA-Fall 2014

Michael Miller willingly signed his body over to a special project. He was then injected with a special drug and trained for a mission of espionage.
Once the mission was complete, he awoke on his bed with no memory….only a note.

Months later, he became the target of ruthless mercenaries. As he runs for his life, his new found faith activates and extra ordinary attributes manifest.

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Up Close & Personal Series-Book Two

“I saw my friends die yesterday, one by one. I beheld the events that led to their demise. I must admit, I’m not an avid Bible reader, but with the things I’ve seen and the dreadful sounds I’ve heard, only the Bible can provide me with sustainable answers. I saw….”

Available June 30, 2014


Up Close & Personal Series-Book One

ICU Room, Canten Memorial Hospital, 4:00 A.M. Saturday

I should’ve prayed that day. Maybe, just maybe, a few hours ago would’ve been different. Who am I kidding; everything led up to that moment. This is the first time I have been in the hospital. I am speechless. The cool sheets rest upon my lifeless body. The cold silence within the room carries the beeps echoing from the heart monitor. I watched the nurse slowly walk into the room. I think she hoped for some improvement, or at least a different display on the EKG. I wanted to reach out and touch her, but I don’t think she would have felt my grasp. As she walked past me, I saw her emotions pouring down. I smelled hopelessness, if it had a fragrance. I regret driving that night. I blame myself for bringing the others into my state of mourning. Bitterness, hatred, and agony possessed me. You know, it wasn’t even about Max or what he stood for. I was drowning in emotions. Sadly, I knew that something happens after death, but I just didn’t want to know what that something was. Regardless of what the EKG displays, and what’s written on the chart hanging at the end of the bed, this will be my last time in here. I’m afraid of the things I’ve seen, and the unforgettable sounds I’ve heard. The indescribable … I’m not going to tell you what I saw, because it doesn’t matter. As I said before, I shouldn’t have driven that night. Had I known the outcome of that night, I would have prayed nonstop. Maybe, just maybe, prayer could have prevented that night.