New Book Coming Sooner Than Expected

The Trial of Injustice
A story of faith that will leave you breathless….

Charles Esquire moved away from home after graduating from college, pursuing a career as a lawyer. After extensive studies, he passed the bar exam and began practicing. From a young age, Pastor Ganvis treated him like a son and taught him the Word of God, instilling faith in his heart. An an adult, he carried those teaching over into his studies and profession. Throughout the years his winning percentage was the highest in the firm, often referring to him as Mr. Esquire. One evening he received a startling phone call. The pastor he loved, trusted, and served, had been charged with 1st degree murder. Without a second thought, he flies back to town and takes on the trial, in hope to prove the innocence of a just man. Along the way he discovers the opposition that threatens his pastor’s livelihood and hidden secrets of townsmen. As he digs deeper, he questions his faith and the faith of the one man he trusted.

I’ve ventured into different genres in my earlier writings but this one is my favorite. Mysteries, well crafted and diversified, can open up a world of possibilities. And of course, my particular book with have the gospel essence not verbally uttered but rather displayed. The thrilling part about writing this type if book is the research involved. I find myself watching litigation movies(The Lincoln Lawyer, The Rainmaker, My Cousin Vinny, The Firm, etc etc) and brief study of police procedures. We thought it was going to be a deep into the future project, but it seems that story isn’t waiting. As I write one chapter, others began to form.
The journey has begun.



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