Stay Focused

Don’t allow distractions to detour you from the goals you’ve set. Everybody doesn’t have your vision or can see into your spirit unless you give them access. Situations and/or people can easily shift your focus, if you allow them to. To avoid being stagnated or stuck in a cycle, each day must be a step toward your goal. It doesn’t matter if your goal is as simple as to lose weight, the question is, what have you done today to assure your obtainable goal? Instead of pointing fingers, we must be active. You don’t want to be that individual twenty years from now wishing they could go back and change the past. Or someone suffering from cardiac failure or some type of illnesses attributed to obesity. The point is that you can change your status now. The seed of change begin with a thought, but your actions must follow those particular thoughts.

One thought on “Stay Focused

  1. Inspyer says:

    Very very true! This was a great pick me up!

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