Trial of Injustice “A story of faith”

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What happens when a preacher is charged with 1st degree murder?

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Charles Everson was gifted with determination and an unwavering faith. From a young age, Pastor Ganvis treated him like a son and taught him the Word of God, instilling faith in his heart and instilling the belief that he could accomplish anything he set his mind to.

Upon his completion of middle school he moved away from Banker, Alabama with his family and stared their new life in Los Angeles, California. Upon his completion of high school, he entered the collegiate world with a desire to become a lawyer. As an adult, he carried the teaching of Pastor Ganvis over into his studies and profession. After extensive studies, and years of unprecedented determination, his dream became a reality as he entered law school. Within time, he passed the bar exam and began practicing at Jacob’s Law Firm.

Throughout the years his winning percentage was the highest in the firm, earning him he name, “Mr. Esquire.” One afternoon on his way into the office, he logged into Facebook as the elevator took him up to his floor. His eyes widened and he nearly dropped his phone when a saw a status post about Pastor Ganvis. The pastor he loved, trusted, and served, had been charged with 1st degree murder. Without a second thought, he booked a flight to Banker, Alabama, seeking to bring justice and prove the innocence of a just man. Along the way he discovers the opposition that threatens his pastor’s livelihood and the hidden secrets of townsmen.





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