Moment of Epiphany


Every day we have an opportunity to live in blessedness. Many people are in pursuit of a superficial form of success. Some people assume that the possession of millions of dollars will solidify their effort and substantiate their pursuit. Yes, money will render you a level of success, but success begins the moment you step out in faith. It’s unfair to measure your level of success based on another person’s possessions. Instead of watching other people walk through the door of success, get up off your hind part and walk through “YOUR” own door of success. There is too much opportunity to walk around in the spirit of jealousy or to covet your neighbor’s gift. We are all gifted and can obtain a level of success based on our sever abilities. You must look at the image in the mirror and speak positive “REAL” declarations. Make sure you stay within your measure of faith, and make sure that your physical efforts match the words of faith you are speaking. If someone was to declare that they are going to be the CEO of a company and never leave the house to apply for any jobs, then surely that declaration is far-fetched. Whatever you want to achieve in life, make sure your “WORK-HABITS” match your faith. (Declarations) And remember that a seed sown on good ground will reap a harvest. Sometimes our blessings come when we step out of selfishness and “BE” a blessing to others.


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