The heart behind the wall

In life, you will encounter diverse trials and various tribulations. Sometimes the intensity of the situation can cause your mind to detour away from sound wisdom and biblical understanding.

During those moments, you seek for that which is earthly and hide up under the umbrella of bitterness. In hope to shelter your feelings from the rain of truth.
When emotions run rapid, marriages ends in divorce, abortions occur, jobs are lost, and relationships are destroyed. In some cases, physical and verbal abuse transpire. Both having a different effect. Even more so, when it comes from those of the household of faith.

The question becomes why? Or as the bible declares, these things shouldn’t even be named among you.

But yet it’s present, growing like a devouring parasite. The truth is that words are eternal and can inflict more damage than physical contact. So when a heart is broken, technically impossible, but theoretically it happens,
the individual builds up a wall to protect their heart from others.

Throughout the years, if forgiveness is WELCOMED, the wall will slowly crumble down and the seed of bitterness will be uprooted. This applies to men and women. Each gender deals with disappointments differently, but all ranging from the same source. I’ve seen marriages destroyed because of words, relationship severed due to uncontrolled emotions, and friendships altered because of the opinion of others.

The Bible says give love to one another.
Which simply means show compassion and respect. Don’t talk evil about a person or say words you wouldn’t want said to you. This love is not sensual but compassionate. It is by this type of love that the light of Christ will shine through your life.

You never know what a person is recovering from, so be careful how you handle them. They may have just removed the wall in front of their heart.
You wouldn’t want to be the vessel which made them run back behind their wall in defense.

Uncontrolled emotions can commit more damage than a violent storm. When a storm passes, in time it’s no longer remembered. But words are eternal because they are spirit.

“I have a dream…”
Those words were said by Dr. Martin Luther King several years ago. The impact of those words can still be felt today.

Instead of destroying one another and pushing them behind a wall, build up and speak positive declarations. Show love to one another. In doing so, you demonstrate the love of Christ.

Gospel Writer

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