Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Be careful how you judge one another because you don’t know what a individual has been through.

We all have a past and a closet full of mistakes that we would rather keep closed.

Be careful not to judge another person rejoicing because you don’t know what they have been through.

Many people are walking in the glory of deliverance because of their faith. So always remember that everyone’s life is likened to a book, filled with pages of experiences, separated by chapters of maturity and growth.

Your are precious in God’s eyes

Have you ever wondered what God thinks of you? Well, let me share with you a few words that were written with you in mind.

Jeremiah 29:11~For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Those profound words alone means that your future is brighter than your past. Don’t allow past mistakes to dictate your destiny. You are wonderfully created by an Almighty God who has great things in store for you.
Remember that your lifestyle has to co-exist with your belief. God is not mocked. Whatsoever you sow, you shall reap.

A Husband’s Love- Character Interview with John Rivers


Tell us a little about yourself. What is your name?

My name is John Rivers. I come from a loving home, but like most people I ventured off and found out the hard way that you reap what you sow.
You won’t learn much about my past in the beginning, other than my mother and father being active in the church. So you already know what kind of environment I lived in. My grandmother was worse than them, at least I thought so. To be honest, if it wasn’t for her prayers, I don’t know if I would’ve made it. I was drowning in fear. Her persistent prayer life, actually changed me. I can look back and see that it was all a part of God’s plan for me to move in with her. If I would’ve stayed in college, I’d probably be in a terrible regretful place right now. I have come to realize that prayer changes things. I thought my life was complete until I meet the one who holds eternal life. I don’t want to give away the plot, but angels are real. And having a life without purpose will ultimately reach a terrible end. Lust, in its various forms is constantly robbing people of hope. The future gets dim when there is no hope. My life took a drastic change the day I walked up to the altar at church.

Do you have any goals?

Now that I’m married to a beautiful woman, I take it as my personal duty to love, cherish, adore, protect, and provide for my wife. The more we grow closer to God, the more our love for one another flourishes. It was her relationship with Jesus that drew me. Now, the God she served is the God I serve.

So I guess “A Husband’s Love” is your autobiography?

Well it’s more like the story of a man walking through the valley of the shadow of darkness toward the marvellous light. I allowed the love of money to become my passion, by any means necessary. At one moment, I feared for my life. I thought Tank was going to kill me when he saw me at the store. I thought I was in too deep. I didn’t think God could help me. Tank is a ruthless man. He is controlled by evil desires and doesn’t take no for an answer. He thought and actually believed I was guilty of something. Regardless to what I said, it’s like he only heard what he wanted to hear. When you’re living in darkness, it will consume you and contort your thinking. When you’re living in that type of lifestyle, you’re not concerned about the livelihood of anyone. For me to go through all of the things I’ve endured in order to meet my bride, was all worth it. I didn’t know at the time, but my journey was not alone.

Do you have a favourite scripture and why?
Psalm 23 & Proverbs 18:22. Those that read my story will understand.

How is Emma doing?

Wonderful. She is truly a gift from The Lord. Our meeting was a bit rocky, but I continued to climb that mountain until I reached the top. I believe our union was predestined.

What does the future hold?

Blessings & Favour. I have discovered the power of faith when you trust The Lord totally. To trust is to have confidence. Confidence is established through relationship. God showed me how to actually walk in faith. Emma, my beloved wife, demonstrated a level of character that is unmatched. The way she endured the hardship that struck our home is amazing. You’ll find out in “A Husband’s Redemption.” I think it comes out around Valentine’s Day of 2015. Emma is my heart. I love her because of her relationship with The Lord. Her strength gave me strength to endure when all hope seemed lost. When everyone I loved vanished, I had my God and my faith to keep me. A Husband’s Love is the joinery to love to salvation. A Husband’s Redemption is understanding what faith really is. I implore you all to take this journey with me and learn from my mistakes, experiences, and demonstration of faith.

Go ahead and get your copy and learn about this young man’s powerful journey of faith.
A Husband’s Love “A story of hope, redemption, and sacrifice.”
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Run the Race- Books of Inspiration

Two books of inspiration that will minister to your body, soul, and spirit. Sometimes all it takes is a few words of inspiration to birth you into your next phase in life. 66 Days of Inspiration

Run the Race:31 Days of Inspiration

Run the Race II: The Journey Continues

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Guess What?

You can make it regardless to what life has thrown at you. Do you know why? Its because you’re sitting or travelling as you read this post. I only write as inspired so that makes this writing purposeful. We all have faced some difficult times in life. Some of us are yet dealing or trying to cope with the residue of past mistakes. Oftentimes we allow the thoughts of those mistakes to seep into our consciousness and contort our mental process. So in retrospect, we relive those events mentally and in the process drown in an emotional state of past offenses. The key phrase is past offenses. Which means that it’s not a present condition. Just as today is a new day, let us also walk in the newness of mind, remembering the past but not to relive it. To only purpose for the remembrance is so that we don’t repeat former mistakes. But if you do, it’s not the end of the world. Learn and discern why your steps trod down that particular path and simply choose another trial. It’s just that simple.

Live & Experience….Experience & Live

Just Hold On

Your betters days are just ahead. Regardless to the turmoil that you’ve faced in the past days, weeks, months or years-YOUR-breakthrough is just on the horizon. Your past experiences have only equipped you with the necessary wisdom that is needed for your next phase. Soon you’ll be able to glean from your mistakes and help the next person to avoid the downfall that awaits those who travel down a particular trial. In life, I’ve learned not to groan and complain, but rather to give thanks in all things. Be thankful for the ups and downs. Without both of them, you’ll never be the person you are right now.

More than just a book

Some books are for entertainment and others bear the sentiments of reality. Updated & Republished to be a

Hear their cries.

Take heed to their warnings….

Up Close & Personal Series
“The Letters of Warning”

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If not for you, give it to someone else. The greatest gift is something that can change a person’s destiny.

A tongue of wisdom

A soft answer turneth away wrath but grievous words stir up strife.

Sometimes it’s best to hold your tongue. Words spoken verbally or through social media cannot be erased. Even if you personally erase the text message, Facebook post, or email, the spirit of those words is eternal and can become detrimental. Simply putting it, think before you speak or respond. Try as much as possible to avoid responding from the seat of emotions, especially when you’re the only passenger. We must always remember to resect our neighbor, regardless to their ethnicity. The world is filled with all types of people, juggling their own individual problems. So don’t force your opinion unless you’re invited. You never know what they are going to. What if they stop juggling their problems and threw them at you violently. Now that could result into a painful situation. Be wise in your dealings with people and remember to respect your neighbor as yourself.

Stay Blessed & Live Prosperous
~The tongue is a powerful force- creating & destroying.~ SirPoetry

Maintain your peace of mind

In life, we will encounter heart wrenching devastating blows. I’m talking about the type of blows that are quick as lightening and powerful as a bulldozer against a plastered wall.

Many times people will either upset you or offend you in such a way that the very thought of them brings an unwavering feeling of disgust. To compound the situation, they may repeat the process knowingly and unknowingly. Thus leaving you in the same former state of mind. The key to not being so bothered by another person’s actions or influenced by their uncontrolled emotions is to simply let go.

Let go of the thoughts that flood your mind when they lash out. Let go of the thoughts that crash upon your mind when they disrespect you as a human being. Let go of the thoughts of betrayal and all other destructive thoughts against your personal space.

When you let go of those thoughts, then pray. Don’t pray in vain or for selfish agendas. Don’t pray for God to send a wave of misfortune their way, but pray for peace. Pray for a peace of mind. Sometimes people react because of things their battling or out of a physical need. It’s a subconscious cry out for help. Don’t retaliate evil for evil, simply pray. It takes a strong person to not respond when a individual calls you all types of derogatory names. In the end, God will smile upon you for not acting out of character.