Guess What?

You can make it regardless to what life has thrown at you. Do you know why? Its because you’re sitting or travelling as you read this post. I only write as inspired so that makes this writing purposeful. We all have faced some difficult times in life. Some of us are yet dealing or trying to cope with the residue of past mistakes. Oftentimes we allow the thoughts of those mistakes to seep into our consciousness and contort our mental process. So in retrospect, we relive those events mentally and in the process drown in an emotional state of past offenses. The key phrase is past offenses. Which means that it’s not a present condition. Just as today is a new day, let us also walk in the newness of mind, remembering the past but not to relive it. To only purpose for the remembrance is so that we don’t repeat former mistakes. But if you do, it’s not the end of the world. Learn and discern why your steps trod down that particular path and simply choose another trial. It’s just that simple.

Live & Experience….Experience & Live

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