Sometimes we have to reposition our thought process. Instead of coveting your neighbor’s gift or the fruit of their gift, take a personal inventory and consider the soil in which you have sown seeds….if any.

Have you made promises and failed to keep up your end of the bargain?

The first promise you must make is to oneself. Did you give up on your dream? In some cases, success does not happen overnight. You must work and work and work and work. Once you finish working, you must work again.

Don’t allow self-doubt to stunt your growth toward your desire. Don’t become someone stuck in a dream-state only.

Dream, Plan & Execute.
Instead of spending countless hours on social media looking at other people interactions, thrust that same energy into your own goals and watch your dreams manifest. Failure to do so will result in a life of unfulfilled dreams. The first step is to change your mindset concerning oneself. Look in the mirror and make positive “REAL” declarations. It’s ok to aim high but don’t go off into fantasy land. The key is to make short goals and accomplish them first, then move into to other things. In doing so, you’re actually walking in faith and possessing that which you spoke.

Peace & Blessings

Coming Soon~MeMory Iota

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MeMory Iota(Part One)

James Bond meets SALVATION

We have so many projects coming out within the next few months. This was by far an exciting book to write.
#suspense #thriller #Chrisfic

One man undergoes a special experiment that altered his body and changed his life.

One year later, after fulfilling the required mission, he awakes on his bed with no remembrance of the past year.
Only a note…


He now attempts to place together a fragmented life of erased memories.

A few years later, he is disturbed by a shattered glass in his living room. He rushes to the front room and finds a note on the front door.


With remembrance of his past, he turns to his new found faith to unravel the plot against his life.


Writing for the youth

Peer pressure is influence that a peer group, observers or individual exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform to group norms.

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that could involve verbal, mental, and or physical abuse.

The little boy with the BIG dream

Daniel Bradshaw is about to enter an environment that he couldn’t have planned for.

As the summer came to an end, his parents attempt to mentally relate him for his next big step. He dreads leaving his friends in middle school and is about to take his first step in the doors of Northwest High School.

His first day of high school will be an experience that he’ll never forget.

Daniel was a dreamer. Prior to his first day of school, he had a dream and now he’s thrown into the path of his destiny.


Reversed Age

Age has nothing to do with maturity.

Sometimes emotions flare and people respond to harshly. Once they realize they acted out of character, reality sets it and then they enter a period of remorse. They say that love is blind in regards to it’s occupant but love is not foolish. Love is compassion. When you operate in compassion, you’ll be mindful of the words you allow to exit your mouth. A child whines and pouts when they don’t get their way. Which can be labeled as an emotions cry of selfishness. Sometimes…in some cases…that emotion cry slips over into adulthood.

He that can control his citizens(emotions), will rule his city(body)

TRIUMPH~Coming Soon~

Many people beat themselves up with uncertainty. While juggling their own problems, they lash out to others in defense because of self-esteem issues. These issues are the result of uncontrolled emotions and the absentee of hope….


High Expectations

As we enter beyond the first of the year, it behooves us to consider our path thus far. With this being a new year, there should be no reason to carry past burdens or emotional turmoil into the present. You must look in the mirror and decide to change. It’s not about your neighbor, but rather the image you’re starting at needs to change first.

There should be a mental growth, if you allowed it to develop from last year.

If “WE” don’t change ourselves, you shouldn’t expect to see a change in others. While others are evolving, we at times see the same thing because “WE” have not changed.
Just because you place new clothes on a dirty person doesn’t make the individual clean.

We must purge our mindset of negativity and step into a new day. A day created by positive thoughts and productivity.