Sometimes we have to reposition our thought process. Instead of coveting your neighbor’s gift or the fruit of their gift, take a personal inventory and consider the soil in which you have sown seeds….if any.

Have you made promises and failed to keep up your end of the bargain?

The first promise you must make is to oneself. Did you give up on your dream? In some cases, success does not happen overnight. You must work and work and work and work. Once you finish working, you must work again.

Don’t allow self-doubt to stunt your growth toward your desire. Don’t become someone stuck in a dream-state only.

Dream, Plan & Execute.
Instead of spending countless hours on social media looking at other people interactions, thrust that same energy into your own goals and watch your dreams manifest. Failure to do so will result in a life of unfulfilled dreams. The first step is to change your mindset concerning oneself. Look in the mirror and make positive “REAL” declarations. It’s ok to aim high but don’t go off into fantasy land. The key is to make short goals and accomplish them first, then move into to other things. In doing so, you’re actually walking in faith and possessing that which you spoke.

Peace & Blessings

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