Choose your WORDS carefully

A soft answer turneth wrath, but grievous words stir up strife…

It is beneficial to ponder on the words that we allow to escape the confinement of our mouth. When harsh words exit your mouth toward a loved one, family member, or friend, the wall of respect is shattered. In some cases, marriage ends in divorce, jobs are lost, fight are initiated, and friendships are destroyed.

Unlike merchandise, you cannot return those words, even with multiple apologies-which really aren’t needed. You must search within and find out the reason why you harbored and allow the words to come out. Once you acknowledge your lack of control, then pray for deliverance. Not from man, but from self.

Uncontrolled emotions are like a hurricane landing on a small village. Damage and Destruction is inevitable. In time, the city will rebuild from the calamity.


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