Run the Race: 50 Days of Inspiration

Day Twenty-Eight

   The Art of Giving

          There are many ways to illustrate this particular title, but I’m not talking about the principle which governs monetary endowment. Instead, I’m speaking of the art in relation to giving or lending yourself as a help to others. This does not mean to parade around asking if anyone wants help, but rather being sensitive and coupled with compassion. You never know what a person is going through on a daily basis or the struggles they mentally battle.

Sometimes a kind word or a polite smile can bring forth the hidden potential within them and plant a seed of hope. When an individual is battling diverse trials, a few words of encouragement could be the very medicine they so desperately need. Those few seconds of encouragement could mean the difference between life and death. We must be sensitive to compassion and not blinded to foolery. Don’t allow the facial expression of people to alter your thought process. Many people hide behind a smile in hope that no one can see their pain. This person could easily be a family member or a very close friend. Be mindful of how we interact with one another and be ready to give the most precious thing you have.

 ***Your Time***

It could mean the world to someone and rescue them from the snares of emotional turmoil.


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