STATE OF MIND ALERT ***Don’t be deceived by his or her smile***


Be careful with those who smile in your face. A smile in itself is harmless if it expresses an inward nature of humility. But there are times when smiles can hide evil intentions. This is not always the case, but some people have learned how to mimic a genuine smile, in order to convey their true feelings. Moreover, there are moments when emotions can get the best of us and push one down a path of resentment. In this “state of mind” a person will shelter themselves from everyone, especially the object of their obsessions. This is a destructive place to be, simply because you muzzle unresolved feelings, and attempt to move on when you haven’t really let go. When our smile and heart agree in sincerity, our life will flow effortless with peace. From a religious point of view, Christian should not behave as those without the faith of Christ, but yet it seems to be more prominent in the church. How can you pray one moment and disregard your brother or sister because of feelings? This “state of mind” will keep an individual in a cycle of delusion, thinking that God smiles upon them. In this case, he or she has terrible deceived themselves.  We musty step out of emotions and appreciate one another in whatever state they abide, as long as it doesn’t interrupt the flow of purpose. Love is a verb and it is demonstrated by actions. It is written in the Holy Bible, that we are to love our neighbor as ourselves, but people simply shoot it as a bullet flying from a chamber, without fully discerning the essence thereof. Love supports when there is no need, Love accepts without reason, Love forgives, Love respects a person’s individuality. Sadly, this is not always the case.

Seasonal Change 

Sometimes you meet people for a season, and within that timeframe you discover the purpose of your meeting. Everyone is not designed to remain, sometimes this is due to unrestrained emotional outbursts. It’s not about what someone do upon is, but our response to the matter.  Whenever friction drives you apart, it is not a guarantee that your return will be overly welcomed or refused. But as the weather, seasons change as do people. So we must cherish those we have in our lives for the time allotted because seasons come and go. The only way for the seed to remain is if the ground(heart) has been properly cultivated(respected) As we sojourn through life, don’t allow bitterness, jealousy, envy, unforgiveness, and resentment to destroy your seed(mind) before it has had the chance to blossom in the beauty of the sun.  

Ebony’s Story

A Christian Novellete  for you or maybe someone you know. Ebony Rose is a pastor’s daughter and she has a story to share.
Confessions# 2 

Hello reader. How are you doing? I don’t know if you know it, but sex in all forms, regardless to the feeling, if performed out of marriage is morally wrong. The Bible speaks expressly against it. 

Ladies, so how do we get caught up with the wrong man? I’ll tell you why. He says all the right things, in the right way, at the right time. Once our emotions get involved, we ignore moral values and seek instant gratification from the vessel of those sensual words. My problem was that the vessel just so happened to be a minister in the church-a married minister who preached to me in the beginning. I should have never got involved with a married man. Sex is like a drug that weakens and controls your emotions. The Bible calls it fornication. And we are to abstain from all forms of fornication. Ladies, I’m sure you know what I mean when I say ‘all forms of fornication.’ Sadly, I knew these things, I honestly wished I didn’t, but I heard sermon after sermon on that particular topic. I think my dad feared the fact of me becoming pregnant out of wedlock. The horror of his fear has now manifested. Now I sit in horror-a fear of loving a man who’s married to another woman. And we all go to the same church. I can see the look on your face. Did you just curse at me? Don’t judge. Just read and take heed to my story.

Run the Race: 50 Days of Inspiration 

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Day Sixteen

Shake It Off~Mindset Renewal

There are moments in life when we feel trapped in a wall of disappointments. Some of these disappointments are caused by external forces. When I say ‘external forces,’ I am referring to people. Everyone is arrayed with diverse personalities and experiences. We have more differences than what we have alike; only faith brings our likeness together.
As we tread through life, our path may stumble upon weeds, thorns,and thistles. Once again I am referring to people. We may experiences moments when someone breaks our heart and as the cliché says, ‘cut us to the bone.’ Once your confidence in a person is breached, it opens the door to disappointment. If you’re not careful, bitterness will find root within your soul and slowly grow, being watered by your emotions and the remembrance of the dreadful event. 

Trust is the one thing that’s hard to recover once it’s lost. Once it’s damaged, a tidal wave of confusion will wash upon your shore. If you allow the essence of disappointment to attach itself to your mortal fibers,your mind  will continue to replay the moment of hurt with EMPHASIS. After the wall of trust is broken, the first brick must be laid by you. It is a humbling act that employs hope. And when the essence of disappointment returns, we must shake it off as a tree does a withered leaf. But, if you dwell in its essence, the same hurt will return, but this time more severe.

How Do You See It?

~Insert from Run the Race:50 Days of Inspiration


We have all heard the phrase “the glass is half empty or half full.” There are many ways to approach situations that cross our path of life. Everything that happens to you, impacts your life mentality, physically, and spiritually. When problems seem overbearing, the thought to react is first conjured up within our mental process.

Once an acceptable response is found, we simply react physically. Whether it’s tears, rage, anger, frustration, fighting, stealing, lying, verbal rage outbursts, etc. These are all secondary acts. The solution to gaining control is to change our thought process.

Everything in life can enter this equation. We can view our circumstances as mediocre or overwhelming. Regardless to whatever comes our way, the answer to the problem lies within our perception.