Seasonal Change 

Sometimes you meet people for a season, and within that timeframe you discover the purpose of your meeting. Everyone is not designed to remain, sometimes this is due to unrestrained emotional outbursts. It’s not about what someone do upon is, but our response to the matter.  Whenever friction drives you apart, it is not a guarantee that your return will be overly welcomed or refused. But as the weather, seasons change as do people. So we must cherish those we have in our lives for the time allotted because seasons come and go. The only way for the seed to remain is if the ground(heart) has been properly cultivated(respected) As we sojourn through life, don’t allow bitterness, jealousy, envy, unforgiveness, and resentment to destroy your seed(mind) before it has had the chance to blossom in the beauty of the sun.  

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