(Book Insert.
Run the Race:50 Days of Inspiration
Day Twenty 💥It’s Waiting to be Activated💥
I think therefore I am, composed of intrigued thoughts, ideas and purpose.
Sir Poetry 21century poet.
We are endowed with the ability to bring the image within our mind into reality. There is a power within; a vision by the mind’s eye that can be captured and manifested. By the fruit of our tongue we can speak things into existence. As the scripture declares, ‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ We are a creation of limitless possibilities, uniquely designed with royalty by an Almighty God. The only thing that can stunt your productivity is the image you see in the mirror. It’s vital to always think highly of oneself but don’t be high-minded. In other words, don’t think of yourself above your fellow man. We all have a race to run at our own pace.

As we grow through experiences, we will gain knowledge & wisdom. When dealing with situations, it behooves us to discern the atmosphere before we judge prematurely. When an individual react from the seat of emotions, their vision can be blurred with feelings. It is not our job to judge or criticize our fellow man but to respect him or her for their individuality. Remember, we are all running this race of life.
💥What makes the race easier and prosperous is when the participants understand who they are and realize the power that lingers within. The image you see in the mirror is compacted with so much potential and authority, that’s simply waiting on you to release it.💥

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