The Pastor’s Daughter- Book Insert

Kindle Edition

Paperback Edition

Chapter One

 Sunday Morning 9:00 a.m.

A screaming sob ricocheted against the pale blue bathroom walls as Ebony collapsed on the cold, tile floor, a gut-wrenching moan pouring from her lips. A pink and white pregnancy stick floated in the toilet, two lines showing clearly as it sank to the bottom. She curled up on the floor, surrounded by boxes of pregnancy tests, her body shuddering as tears streamed down her cheeks. When her emotions ceased, she dragged herself out the bathroom and knelt before her bed.

“Lord, I have sinned against you. I stood before your people as an example and because of the desires of my flesh, I became a hypocrite. Please forgive me….”

As she poured her heart out in prayer, every sermon her father preached flashed through her head like a caution light. If only she had listened.

Now it was too late.

She didn’t relinquish the position on her knees until they became numb. She pulled herself along the thick beige carpet, stepping over balls of Kleenex tissues, and returned to the bathroom. Her reflection crashed memories of sin on her mind— all she saw was him— the minister she’d been having an affair with for the past few months. The thought of the ill-advised relationship pooled tears in her dark ebony eyes.

As the pastor’s daughter, Ebony was admired for her poise, kind heart and words of inspiration, but most importantly, she was esteemed for her lifestyle of celibacy. Just like the early morning dew, her reputation as an example of holiness among the members in the church would evaporate because of lust.

She forced herself into a long black dress, a white blouse, and grabbed her keys of the dresser. Once she got in her black Nissan Altima, she pulled her frizzy hair back in a ponytail and drove to church. The road was blurred by the constant saturation of soft tears. Then, like a running facet, tears of repentance flowed once she turned into the parking lot of the church. Before she entered the building, her eyes locked in on the golden cross in the center of each door. Written beneath each cross were the words, “Be ye holy, for I am holy.” She took a deep swallow, eyes soaking with grief, and stepped inside….



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