Remain Focused On Your Path

person-802075Run the Race:50 Days of Inspiration (👈🏽Order Book Here)

Day Forty-Seven
Remain Focused On Your Path
Yes, we are human beings endowed with an immeasurable amount of potential. Yes, we at times can become emotional, and it has nothing to do with gender.
🔱Sometimes we allow our mind to create distress among our senses when we become stagnated in progress. Some people watch the status of others and attempt to mimic their actions and efforts in hope to obtain the same level of achievement. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. During this process, your emotions activate in a down spiral when your results aren’t favorable. When the flood gates of emotions pour out, an individual attempts to use prayer as a crutch, yet the essence of their prayer is in the wrong spirit.
🔱Praying in vanity is a result of uncontrolled emotions. Everyone has their own gifts and path to walk. As we sojourn through life, our focus must be toward our own individual purpose. It’s not enough to have faith. You must have works to back up your faith and then you’ll have results.



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