21 Day Journey of Inspiration Book Review


Reviewed by Rebecca McLafferty for Readers’ Favorite

21 Day Journey of Inspiration: Book Three of the Mind Renewal Series by T.K. Ware offers self-analysis and sets the reader on God’s path for improvement. The book begins by highlighting the importance of forgiveness in our lives and shows the effects of not forgiving others, or ourselves.

Mr. Ware’s twenty-one days of inspiration fulfill the purpose to inspire and much more. The book briefly addresses the importance of words, learning from mistakes, and the ever so important issue of “Don’t Sit on Your Gift.” All of Mr. Ware’s inspirational messages are backed by scripture. Keeping these directives in mind enables the reader to allow for change and, ultimately, develop a closer relationship to God by keeping His word close to heart and mind.

Many people set goals and don’t follow through with them for one reason or another. Staying focused is critical to success. Along that path, learning to have faith in God instead of doubting ourselves is paramount. Also important is the fact that we need to focus on what God thinks of us, and not what others think of us. This book, although short, packs a powerful message. T.K. Ware is to be commended for getting directly to the point. Positive messages of encouragement are very valuable in this day and age.

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