Trial of INJUSTICE Book Review and Insert


Tom smiled. “Pastor Ganvis, since you’re a man of integrity, an honest man, a man who lives by biblical principles, and one who preaches the gospel, doesn’t your book say something about adultery and murder? If so, can you recite that particular scripture for those of us who haven’t lived as yourself?”

Pastor Ganvis pressed his lips together and glanced over at Charles. “It says, thou shalt not commit adultery, and thou shall not kill.”

“Exactly!” Tom said, pointing at Pastor Ganvis and looking at the jury. “I’m here to prove this preacher is guilty of both.”

Amy’s Bookshelf Review
This story was absolutely amazing. The writing of Ware was intense and thought-provoking. A Christian mystery that sends the story over the edge. A pastor, who has a strong belief in God, is arrested for murder. The idea that he may be guilty or innocent creeps up in different areas of the story. Would a pastor commit murder? So many questions that lend to the journey of finding the truth. This book is clean, mysterious and full of action. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and it proves that good stories come from great minds, as Ware has certainly proven with all of his work.



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