Why did you say that?

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Day Forty-Six

Now Look What You’ve Done?

The Holy Bible speaks about the mouth, the tongue in particular. Being such a small muscular organ and yet equipped with the ability to tear down fortified walls and uproot foundations planted in the soul of a man or woman. The words we allow to come out of our mouth can be more destructive than a stick of dynamite. Before we speak we should consider the impact of the words that are about to exit our mouth. A right word or words can build, edify, encourage, motivate, inspire, and bless. But the wrong word or words can destroy, damage, ruin, and kill the seed of hope buried within a person. Be careful what you allow to come out of your mouth. Once it’s spoken, you will have to deal with the effect of those words.


One thought on “Why did you say that?

  1. angelicg says:

    I like this post. The tongue and the spirit of compromise are two sneaky culprits in the body of Christ. As a whole the Body seems to be losing it’s conviction. Gradually moving away from holiness to secularism, with little to no restraint. Anything is acceptable, including the unruly tongue, and it seems we no longer “love our neighbors as ourselves”, but the Bible doesn’t change. I Corinthians 13 is still very relevant today. Both books of Corinthians, along with Hebrews, and James are great guidelines for Christian’s. I think we can all stand to take personal inventory. Great post!

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