The Rose of Ebony (Book One & Two)


Ebony never thought she’d be labeled as a backslider. Not because she was perfect, but for the simple fact that she is the pastor’s daughter. Her father preached against the lifestyle she became a victim to.

But remember….


The Pastor’s Daughter(Ebony finds out she’s pregnant and shares the events after that moment)
Ebony’s Confessions (Ebony shares the events that led up to her pregnancy)
Confessions of a Backslider(The minister she had the affair with shares his side of the story)
The Pastor’s Confessions (Ebony’s father shares his thoughts of betrayal. When his daughter was hospitalized, she confessed to having an affair with one of the married ministers in the church. The same minister that sat next to her father in the pulpit)

The Pastor’s Daughter (Available)
Ebony’s Confessions (Available)
Confessions of a Backslider (COMING SOON)
The Pastor’s Confessions (COMING SOON)
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