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A beloved pastor is accused and arrested for FIRST DEGREE MURDER of a twenty-one-year- old woman.

Pastor Ganvis must rely on the faith he preached to others, and the God of his salvation, to free him from a trial of injustice.


The Letters of WARNING

This creation took me to a place of sorrow. I literally felt the remorse of the characters as they cried out in repentance. Sometimes the perfect gives comes in the form of a book, especially if it can change someone’s life.

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A story or reality

The creation of this project was a figment of my imagination until I received messages from others. Then, I realized that is was a reality for certain people. Sex in the church shouldn’t be a topic of discussion. Sadly, it happens all the time. The church isn’t filled with perfect people. The church is filled with people that need to be per-FECTED!rose