Believe in yourself

Sometimes we are thrown into diverse situations that makes us question our faith. It is during these moments that we must stand in the midst of adversity. We are not born with the spirit of fear. Fear robs you of faith and makes you fall into despair. Understand that danger is real, but fear is a choice. Never allow stress to push you away from faith.

It’s a new season

Sometimes we encounter experiences that push us to a new place of development.  This change of reality has nothing to do with other people, but a self-examination. This development should be seen by your lifestyle, and not the fruit of your lips only. It is an awakening that each individual must go through at their own pace. When the destination is reached, the light of understanding will heal and illuminate everything about you.

This revelation of inspiration is what ICP Blog Talk Radio is all about. 23415262_10157482719617524_8725228893654450895_o.jpg

The POWER of prayer and a gift

img_0846When I wrote The Pastor’s Daughter I had no idea that it would touch so many people. Prior to writing, I always pray to make sure my story carries an eternal message.

On a few weeks ago I received a message from a reader from Miami. She declared that my story was about her life. After an exchange of dialogue, a fan-based relationship was established.  A month later, by gateway of Facebook, I received another message from the same individual. She attempted suicide. My spiritual alarm blasted. After many failed attempts, I was able to communicate to her verbally through a Facebook app. I didn’t know this woman personally, but I felt a need to help. I would like to report that she is doing much better now.

The moral is to not sit on your gift. You never know who it may touch.


Trust & Confidence

Trust is developed through confidence. Confidence is created from experience.

It’s best to trust the One who knows your beginning and ending. He holds no grudges and loves continually. His forgiveness has no limits. His thoughts concerning you are thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.FB_IMG_1509534238877