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Every experience we encounter is not the end of our journey. As we live day-to-day, trials and tribulations may occur. You may feel as if your prayers are not even heard. The “trial” may seem as if death (spiritually) is on the horizon. When you’re in the midst of a “storm” it’s difficult to see a way out, if you’re only focusing on the natural.

The love that Jesus has for us is not superficial but agape. He gave His life as a ransom—the Lamb of God— atoning the sins of the world. He has overcome death, the grave, and Hell. Nothing can destroy you and overtake you as long as your faith rest in His hands.




As this pandemic grows and spreads, we can’t allow our faith to waver during these horrific times. So many people walking around looking without actually seeing(discerning) the times we are living in. God is still on the throne and He will take care of His people. Those that trust in Him will not be made ashamed….816DDAB2-E424-45CC-85FB-36D9CDE45A2D