Pay attention to the signs

Everyone has stop codes. These are phrases or words that indicate when they have reached their limit. It’s best to take heed. Some people explode viciously or from a defensive stance. Just back away and give them time. Don’t just pray for them, pray for yourself as well. And remember what King Solomon said, ‘A soft answer turneth away wrath, but grevious words stir up strife.’


Everyday we have an opportunity to showcase our gifts and talents among the world. This endowment, is not for vain glory, but rather for betterment. Moreover, it is a tool or can be used as a tool to reach others, who are trapped in the darkness of their conscious reality of defeat. Life exists beyond this arena, whether one believe or not. Its existence is not based on one’s belief. As we live from day-to-day, it behooves us to walk in the light of understanding. As we operate in its essence, compassion will seep out, as we thrive to walk and live in a manner that demonstrates our faith unto the world. Everyone does not operate in the same arena of life, and gifts among society differ in the millions. The key is to not try to perform the abilities, skills, or duplicate the exact gift as someone else, but rather to occupy your own vessel in the creative uniqueness that you have been endowed with before the creation of the world. Everything about you is special and unique in its own place. Once you discover the gift that lingers within, it will allow the eyes of your understanding to be enlightened.




Step Out & Speak Back

Sometimes you have to speak unto yourself until your words create an atmosphere of faith. It maybe difficult to declare positive or uplifting things when you are in a storm. This is the greatest time to rejoice, and believe that this too shall pass. Life will throw daggers of doubt toward you. As citizens we must quickly hold up the shield of faith, and believe that everything will work itself out. When it seems out of your reach, allow your faith to carry you to a place of perfect peace. And soon that place of peace will become your reality~manifested.

It’s waiting to be activated

“I think therefore I am, composed of intrigued thoughts, ideas and purpose. My environment is the reproduction of my thoughts.” ~SirPoetry 21century poet.

We are endowed with the ability to bring the image within our mind, into reality. Regardless of what our natural eyes behold. There is a power within, a source, a vision by the mind’s eye that can be captured, and thus manifested.

By the fruit of our tongue, we can speak into existence, the thing which we see without seeing. As the scripture declares faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

As we grow into who we are, we will realize who’s we are and this will equip us to know what we are. We are a creation of limitless possibilities. The only thing that can prevent the productivity is the image you see in the mirror.

It is vital to always think highly of yourself, but don’t be high minded. In other words don’t think of yourself above your fellow man. We all have a race to run at our own pace. The similarity is upon birth our potential is astounding.

As we grow through experiences, we will gain knowledge & wisdom. It behooves us to discern the atmosphere before we judge premature. When an individual react from the seat of emotions, their vision can be blurred with feelings. It is not our job to judge or criticize our fellow man, but to respect he or she for their individuality.

And remember we are all running this race of life. What makes the race easier and prosperous is when the racer understand who they are, and realize the power that lingers within. The endowment that desires to be released.