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“What exactly do I have to do?” Michael asked with a frown. “Don’t play any games. Just give it to me straight.”

Dr. Bentest smiled and glanced over at his colleagues. “Michael, you have nothing to worry about. This formula has been tested and it exceeds our expectations. You will be a super solider with qualities second to none.” He placed a black folder down on the table. “Your mission is in this folder.”

“A mission?” Michael asked. “Do you mean like James Bond? I don’t know any martial arts nor have I ever handled a weapon. This sounds crazy.”

Dr. Bentest grinned. “Once you take this drug … I mean formula … your body with undergo a transformation and develop in to an extensive machine.”

Michael smiled. “You mean like a super-hero, right?”

Dr. Bentest shook his head. “No. You will be ‘super’ but you will not be a hero by any means.” He pointed around the room. “My colleagues will escort you to the back room where we will perform the second part of the procedure.”456.jpg


softcover015Once the service ended, Larry followed Mother Johnson out the doors over to her car. She placed her purse down on the back seat and turned to face him.

“A storm of calamity is coming,” he said.

Mother Johnson nodded. “Yes. When did you see it?”

“This morning. When I opened my front door, the weather was terrible. I went to the closet to get an umbrella. When I opened the door again, the weather had ceased. Dry brittle leaves were scattered across my driveway and pollen —”

“Covered you car,” Mother Johnson interrupted. Her hands went up to her mouth.

“Yes ma’am. We had the same vision.” Larry watch a few church members drive off. The thought of his next words sent chills down his spine. “There is more. I saw people die and go to Hell.”

“Jesus,” she repeated.

“No one is prepared for what is about to happen,” he said. “In the vision, a terrible accident took the lives of a few people. Both of your sons were involved. I …” He lowered his head. “I don’t want to say it.”

With tears in her eyes, she touched him. “Say it. I want to hear it. I need to hear it. What did you see about my sons? Tell me so I’ll know what to pray for.”

“They died and went to Hell.”

“Not my babies,” she screamed. “Jesus!”

“I think …” He rubbed his chin a few times. “I think I know why I had the vision.” He grabbed her hands and gazed directly at her. “I can stop it from happening.”

Her tears dried up. “What do you need me to do?”

“The only thing you can do is pray non stop. Keep me in prayer as I attempt to change the future.” He touched her on the shoulders. “I promise that I will do everything I can. I believe the Lord is with me. He gave me this vision and He will show me the way to rescue your sons from Hell.”

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Coming Soon~MeMory IOTA-Fall 2014

Michael Miller willingly signed his body over to a special project. He was then injected with a special drug and trained for a mission of espionage.
Once the mission was complete, he awoke on his bed with no memory….only a note.

Months later, he became the target of ruthless mercenaries. As he runs for his life, his new found faith activates and extra ordinary attributes manifest.

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`Coming Soon~
In a few weeks, just in time for the holidays, a story of inspiration shall be released.

The ultimate display of love is sacrifice. A HUSBAND’S LOVE is a story of hope that will take you on an emotional ride. In the midst of adversity, there is always grace and mercy.

John embraces his new future, while running from his past. One day his past found him and retribution was demanded…..or else….



One person endowed with an unusual gift, having seen before hand, the events that would come to pass, holds the key that will change his friend’s destiny.

After a night of horrible memories and seeing his friends meet their eternal demise, Larry awakes and screams, “JESUS!”
He looks around and he appears to be back in the church, while Pastor Warren continued his sermon. Larry sits up in the pew, confused and dazed by the events he beheld.

As he looks around the church and all of his friends are there….ALIVE

He now attempts to warn them about the vision he foresaw….

Can he get to them before it’s too late?

Or will his actions trigger a predestined path?

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Caveat of Penitent-Preview


“I’m not trying to preach to you Thomas, but Max ─”

“I don’t even want to hear nothing about Max, the supposedly Christian. That’s a joke.”

“We all make mistakes. I’m not saying this to justify any wrong actions,” Steve touched his chest, “We are saved by grace and not of works lets some man should boast. This is a daily walk of faith. I understand your argument, based on the way you have seen some people behave, but Thomas everyone is not in that category. As the bible declares, we must ─”

“Keep your ‘bible says’ talk. I don’t want to hear it. You people say one thing, but your lifestyle doesn’t line up with your words, a bunch of hypocrites.”

“Thomas you can think like that. Max wasn’t perfect.” Pointing at himself, “I’m not perfect. Who really is? This attitude is not going to bring your brother back. We are still among the living and we must develop a relationship with Jesus. I can’t say I completely understand what you are going through, but I know God does.”

“Whatever,” Thomas said walking past Steve .“I didn’t come here for your mini sermon.”

The stench of alcohol reeked from his clothing as he walked past Steve. Shaking his head, Steve watched Thomas drive off. Looking toward the clouds, Steve glanced down at the stack of letters in his hand and walked away.

Chapter Three

THE CEILING FAN WHISTLED through the afternoon heat, rocking back and forth as an old rocking chair, its sounds blustering throughout the room. Oblivious to the noise, Thomas lay on his bed, his breath sour from the contents of the empty beer bottles strewed across the room, his shirt sullied with odors of a midnight biker bar. With glossy eyes, he tries to make his mind grasp reality. In desperation, Thomas calls out, “Joey … Joey … Joey …” Tears torrent down his gloomy face, saturating his already stained shirt with more sorrow.

After moments of lying in a pool of dried tears, Thomas sat up, his head drifting toward the drunken graveyard that occupied his floor. I’ve got to get out of here. Thomas rose from his bed, drunkenness reeked the room. He searched for his cell phone thorough a pile of clothing and……..