I’m excited for this next project.  A hearty thanks to the wonderful women who contributed their words of wisdom and ammunition. We truly have some wonderful Women of God in our midst, drenched in humility, wisdom, knowledge, and reverence for the Lord.  The greatest legacy is the wisdom and knowledge you can leave for the next generation.
A special thanks to those I’ve already contacted, and to the others who I’ve yet to reach. This project is about helping this generation and the next.
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MAN UP is a collection of inspirational and motivational quotes from men of various backgrounds: Doctors, Business owners, Pastors, Bishops, Authors, Elders, Poets, Ministers, etc. The sole purpose is to plant seeds of hope in preparation for a bountiful future of success!

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We all go through challenges in life.  Some of these moments can become crippling, gut-wrenching, disappointing, and heart-breaking.  Everything that cross your path cannot destroy you unless YOU give it authority. You have the ability to RISE above every circumstance. This type of mindset equips you with the fortitude to triumph in life.

Now is your time to live in God’s expectation.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


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What if you had a bizarre dream in which you saw several friends die a death by fire? What if this dream continued into a witness of what happened to these friends in the afterlife, their eternal burning in hell? What would you do? Could you change the course of events? Could you save these friends from dying? First of all, you would have to tell someone about your dream and would anyone believe you if you did tell them?

Larry is faced with this dilemma. He first has his dream during a sermon at church. He yells out and the other worshippers believe he’s having a spiritual moment. Little did they know that his spiritual moment was a glimpse into eternity. As he looks around the church, the same friends he envisioned suffering in hell, are now ALIVE!

After leaving the pastor’s office, he knew his vision was a warning of some sort … a premonition.  In the course of his attempts to rescue his friends from eternal damnation, he discovers a psychologist who also has dreams of future events and together they seek a means to alter the vision of eternal suffering.


The Rose of Ebony Series

Every now and then a writer stumbles upon an unexpected publication. When I wrote the first book I thought I was finished. As days turned into month, I heard the other characters in the crevices of my mind. They spoke with such potency that I rushed to the closes writing object and jotted down their confessions. A proven fact is that every story has more than one side. It’s rare when you get to hear from all parties involved. Each character told the story from their point of view. In the end, you will see the story as a whole.

The Pastor’s Daughter- Now Available Kindle Version http://amzn.com/B015IFZOJ8

Ebony’s Confessions- December 2015

Confessions of a Backslider (The man who was responsible for the pregnancy)-  Spring 2016

The Bishop’s Confessions- Summer 2016

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