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Every experience we encounter is not the end of our journey. As we live day-to-day, trials and tribulations may occur. You may feel as if your prayers are not even heard. The “trial” may seem as if death (spiritually) is on the horizon. When you’re in the midst of a “storm” it’s difficult to see a way out, if you’re only focusing on the natural.

The love that Jesus has for us is not superficial but agape. He gave His life as a ransom—the Lamb of God— atoning the sins of the world. He has overcome death, the grave, and Hell. Nothing can destroy you and overtake you as long as your faith rest in His hands.




Nothing just happens.

But everything is the totality of variables, created by your environment, and filtered through your perception. Your happiness is based on what you consider happiness is. Never allow someone else to redefine your idea of happiness.

Happiness mean a state of being happy─ feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Based on the definition, I can’t determine your level of happiness by my perception. Only “you” can decide what you perceive happiness is. In the area of relationships, the epitome of that union rest in finding a significant other to enjoy life with. Sometimes people settle for “superficial happiness” and forget their standards because of loneliness. When you give into the emotions of loneliness, it will make you search out for fabricated love in all the wrong places. It’s only fabricated because you make yourself feel a certain way when the evidence screams in your face─SHE IS NOT THE ONE! HE IS NOT THE ONE! RUNAWAY! GOD HAS SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOU!

How do you know when that special person is the “one” for you? Have you ever been with someone and couldn’t figure out why you’re with that person?




I’m excited for this next project.  A hearty thanks to the wonderful women who contributed their words of wisdom and ammunition. We truly have some wonderful Women of God in our midst, drenched in humility, wisdom, knowledge, and reverence for the Lord.  The greatest legacy is the wisdom and knowledge you can leave for the next generation.
A special thanks to those I’ve already contacted, and to the others who I’ve yet to reach. This project is about helping this generation and the next.

Book Launch & Empowerment Conference


Time is of the essence. It’s important for us to capitalize on the time we’ve been permitted to walk in. We were fashioned by the hands of an Almighty God with purpose. He didn’t create us to live in a stagnated place of remorse, but to thrive as citizens of His kingdom. 

If something enters your mind then it’s in the realm of possibility. Dreams shouldn’t remain in the realm of “I wish I could,” instead we should utilize the necessary tools to bring the intangible into reality. Some of these tools are hidden in vessels of wisdom and knowledge.

MAN UP is a collection of motivational truths by people of various backgrounds, educations, and economic status.

No man is an island to himself. The truth of the matter is that we don’t know everything and we need one another to soar in life.

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