Insert from Poet Talk

O’ Gracious KING

I trust in thee O’ LORD, who is able,

To meet all of my expectations,

My thoughts are but whispers running, across His Mind.

O’ Gracious KING

My joy yet remains because of you

Every trial and tribulation I face,

I understand it is only sent my way,

To equip me-

With the experience; as stones are added to my pyramid of hope and faith.

When I look back and see how far I have come,

I know it’s because of your love, mercy and grace.

And when I was debilitated with sorrow and couldn’t see my way out

As a mighty eagle you came down and lifted me up high above

All the problems, situations, circumstances, heartaches, disappointments, resentments, frustrations, and trials

Once I gathered strength, you sent me back through them

With the assurance that I am not alone;

And when they seem overbearing …

 In my weakness your strength is made known.

I walk this walk and take this journey never alone.

But as a man and His GOD

You have never failed nor forsaken me,

Provision you have made daily, Healings you have sent, Deliverance has been decreed.

As I transition to a Son who trust in thee.


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