It’s important for us to capitalize on the time we’ve been permitted to walk in. We were fashioned by the hands of an Almighty God with purpose. He didn’t create us to live in a stagnated place of remorse, but to thrive as citizens of His kingdom. 

If something enters your mind then it’s in the realm of possibility. Dreams shouldn’t remain in the realm of “I wish I could,” instead we should utilize the necessary tools to bring the intangible into reality. 

MAN UP is a collection of motivational truths by people of various backgrounds, educations, and economic status.

No man is an island to himself. The truth of the matter is that we don’t know everything and we need one another to soar in life.

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Intoxicated with Jubilance

As we travel through the highways of life, there are moments when our journey may seem bumpy; moments when the worst that could happen…happens. In spite of everything we encounter, we must not allow the spirit of worry to saturate our spirit. To worry is to torment oneself. After hours of torment, nothing will change except for the manifestation of a heavy spirit.

The key to not worrying is to not worry. Don’t allow situations to dictate your response, instead settle your spirit and allow wisdom to enter. Once you walk in wisdom, circumstances will only seem like a snowflake falling from heaven….they will simply fade away with time.