In every experience there is a measure of knowledge that can become wisdom if you understand the nature of it. As long as you live, good and bad experiences will occur. Life is filled with diverse moments of engagement that will push you backward.

Sometimes the challenges we face are just an opportunity to witness or share a story that may help someone that is going through a very similar situation. Through our story, God is able to use us for His glory. In every challenge that you face, ask yourself, ‘What am I supposed to learn?

No one awakes each day, and hope to experience forms of negativity. For the most part, we all hope to have a blessed, prosperous day. Just because your day doesn’t always go as planned, doesn’t mean that it was a blessed, prosperous day.

Everyone wants to be successful in one form or another.

So what is success?


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Every experience we encounter is not the end of our journey. As we live day-to-day, trials and tribulations may occur. You may feel as if your prayers are not even heard. The “trial” may seem as if death (spiritually) is on the horizon. When you’re in the midst of a “storm” it’s difficult to see a way out, if you’re only focusing on the natural.

The love that Jesus has for us is not superficial but agape. He gave His life as a ransom—the Lamb of God— atoning the sins of the world. He has overcome death, the grave, and Hell. Nothing can destroy you and overtake you as long as your faith rest in His hands.


Don’t beat yourself up

GOD doesn’t condemn you, neither do I  


This book is well written and timely. It carries a message that is an important one for all to read and learn from. It offers a positive approach to dealing with and overcoming sin. This is truly a wonderful book that no church library should be without. I truly enjoyed reading this book and look others. I highly recommend God Doesn’t Condemn You, Neither Do I

-Lucinda Weeks of Readers’ Favorite 

Give the GIFT of inspiration

Hello Queen (Kindle Edition)

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Life is filled with avenues that can render you helpless and void of understanding. As we go through trials and tribulations, we oftentimes forget that nothing shall overtake us as long as our hope is anchored in Jesus. The way to cope with overwhelming circumstances is to trust God totally without reservation. Some people like to bargain with God and offer their trust if He does this or that.That is the wrong way of thinking, and thoughts like that will cause you to enter into a place of grief.

Our faith must be solid in hope. And our hope must be wrapped up in trust. Confidence comes out of trust. The more time you spend with someone the more you will discover their nature, character, and spirit. As we spend time with God, we will develop confidence, which will produce trust, and this will sky-rocket our faith. He has already made promises concerning us and declarations over us. His love for us cannot be moved and will never waver.
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